Les Industries Associées de l'Acier Ltée.
Associated Steel Industries Ltd.
7140 Route 132
Ville Ste-Catherine, Québec, J5C 1B6
Phone: (450) 632-1881 – (514) 364-3308 - Fax : (450) 632-8352
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Associated Steel Industries Ltd.

Scrap metal recycling plant

Purchase of scrap automobiles and tin

We purchase all types of scrap metals at competitive prices everywhere in Canada and the United States, supplied by road, by vessel and by train.

Sale of shredded nonferrous scrap (ISRI zorba)

We sell good quality of shredded nonferrous scrap (ISRI zorba).

Sale of copper bearing (ISRI Drove)

We sell copper bearing (ISRI Drove) processed from our sorting line.

Automobiles shredder residues

These residues are sorted at the processing centre to maximize the added value of its content (copper, plastic, metals, iron, etc.). This product will be upgraded to a landfill after treatment.

Sale of shredded scrap (ISRI 210/211 or E40)

We sell shredded scrap (ISRI 210/211 or E40) transported by road, by boat and by train. A rigorous quality control process is followed for this product which will ensure for our customers a low copper content and an optimal density.

Purchase (oversized or prepared) and sale of demolition Scrap Steel – Plate and Structural Steel & #1 (E1/E3 ou ISRI 201/231)

We sell demolition scrap steel – Plate and Structural Steel & #1 (ISRI 201/231) Prepared

Sale of manganese (E3 or ISRI 33)

We sell manganese products from crusher’s wear parts at the end of useful life.


Associated Steel Industries Ltd. is a scrap metal recycling plant member of the Riva Group (http://www.rivagroup.com/en/).

We purchase high volume of different product categories containing metals from suppliers located in Canada and United States.

Then, we process and sell them to a wide range of customers all over the world.

For some years now, Associated Steel Industries Ltd. implemented a continuous improvement approach in terms of Quality, Health and Safety at work and Environment.


    • Car hulks with engine and metal sheets unserviceable
    • Car hulks unserviceable and without engines (-$50 CA/ton or US/ton)
    • Scrap Steel #1 Prepared
    • Scrap Steel #2
    • Plate and Structural Scrap Steel (P. S.) Prepared
    • Oversized Scrap Steel # 1 and #2

    Forbidden products
    Compliance with safety instructions for drivers
    Riva Group scrap metal purchasing specifications


    With over 50 years of experience in this industry,
    work with us and take advantage of our expertise and efficiency.


    Thanks to its high-level expertise in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous products, Associated Steel Industries Ltd., a member of Riva Group, offering quality products and services to customers and suppliers.

    All in respect of Health and Safety and Environmental standards.


    Continue to go further in scrap recycling to eliminate waste and reduce our carbon footprint.


    Family Spirit : Human capital is the foundation of our business success. All engage to the same goal, accomplish a job and acquire know-how through a collective effort.

    Recycling : Recycling being our core business, we are constantly investing to research and innovate in terms of Quality, Health/Safety and Environment.

    Professionalism and rigor : The satisfaction of our customers is a daily and permanent challenge. Associated Steel Industries Ltd. invests the necessary efforts to perfect his expertise and differentiate itself from the competition. Each one applies to respect the best practices and standards Quality, Health / Safety and Environment at his workstation.

    2022 marked the 50th anniversary of Groupe Riva in Canada. The A.S.I. plant began its recycling operations for the environment in 1972.

    ASI RIVA - Les Industries Associées de l'Acier Ltée.