Les Industries Associées de l'Acier Ltée.
Associated Steel Industries Ltd.
7140 Route 132
Ville Ste-Catherine, Québec, J5C 1B6
Phone: (450) 632-1881 – (514) 364-3308 - Fax : (450) 632-8352
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June 29, 1972:

  • Founding of Associated Steel Industries Ltd.

September 13, 1973:

  • Certificate of authorization to operate the plant from the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

December 28, 1973:

  • Purchase of 12 hectares of land in Sainte-Catherine (Quebec, Canada).

May 20th, 1974:

  • Construction of administrative offices and fencing of the land begins.

June 12, 1974:

  • A. S. I. Ltd—opening of a bank account.

July 1974:

  • Purchase of end-of-life cars and metal sheets for recycling begins.

August 1974:

  • Construction of the plant begins.

October 1974:

  • Purchase of a FIAT ALLIS CHALMERS and a CATERPILLAR 966.

March 1975:

  • Installation of a railroad (Canadian Pacific).
  • Contract with the seaway.
  • Purchase of a loading conveyor to load the ships.
  • Construction of the locker rooms and the garage with a storehouse, as well as the rainwater and sanitary system and the guardhouse.

June 1975:

  • Start of production, Hammermills 74 104 crusher with a 3,000 H.P. engine and a capacity of 40 MT/H, equipped with a fire protection system, winter production heaters, winter production roof, 4 fully electric overhead cranes to unload and load the trucks and feed the crusher.
  • The plant is fitted with a dust-collection system, a wet chamber and a magnetic separation system to separate ferrous and non-ferrous products, a truck scale and a railcar scale.
  • 40 employees working in two shifts.

July 1975:

  • First vessel loaded with 1,500 MT to be shipped to Spain (MV ANGELICA SHULTE)

January 1983:

  • Installation of a POLLOCK system for automated sorting of non-ferrous materials and separation of automotive residues from metals (aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, brass, copper wire, etc.)
  • First sale of Zorba to the U.S. by train.

Between 1978 and 1997:

  • Purchase of 4 car presses to get the raw material for the shredder from the scrap yards.


  • Purchase of an eddy current conveyor to improve metal recovery.

July 1987:

  • Digitization of the administration.


  • Installation of two radiation detector systems on road and rail scales.

June 29, 1997:

  • ASI Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary.


  • Purchase of a Caterpillar 980 G.


  • Purchase of a Caterpillar 980 H.


  • Purchase of a Genie S-60 aerial lift.


  • Renovation of administrative offices, locker rooms and fencing of the field.
  • Modernization of overhead cranes.


  • Refurbishment of all production lines and mill bases.
  • Installation of LED lights throughout the plant and buildings and purchase of a water truck
  • Creation of a website.


  • Remodeling of the production cabins (based on a study by an ergonomist–overhead cranes, sorting, tower operators, shredders, inspectors and guards)
  • Installation of a reject door on the shredder.
  • Remodeling of the dust collection system.


  • Installation of a long bar extractor and Jet Zone system to eliminate dust on the production lines.
  • Refurbishment of the factory roof and crane structure.


  • Rehabilitation of the ship loading conveyor.
  • Purchase of a forklift truck.
  • Modernization of the production reporting system.
  • Reinforcement of the ship loading dock.


  • Covering of automotive residues to avoid contamination with water and dispersion of dust.


  • Rehabilitation of the pluvial, sanitary and aqueduct network.
  • Upgrading of the individual and collective protection equipment.
  • Installation of an electric charging station for cars.


  • Modernization of work procedures and factory policies via a prevention plan.
  • Creation of a Linkedin page for A.S.I.
  • Upgrading of the camera system for safety and production and fire protection.


  • ISO 50001 and RIOS certified recycler.
  • Start of concreting of production areas.
  • Installation of a Danieli ZDS 250-800 pre-shredder and an inverter to reduce peak consumption on the 3,000 H.P. engine.
  • Purchase of a Caterpillar M325DLMH wheeled excavator.
  • Installation of motion detectors in the buildings to reduce energy consumption.
ASI RIVA - Les Industries Associées de l'Acier Ltée.