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The Riva Group


Riva Group is Italy’s largest steel producer and the fifth-biggest player in the European steel industry.

Founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva, a pioneer in postwar Europe steel, the Group has specialized in the manufacturing of “long” products using electric arc steelworks.

In 60 years of business it has achieved an international leadership, expanding in the main European countries, thanks to high production standards and to a focused and steady strategy of growth and investments.

Led by Claudio Riva since 2014, the Group is privately owned and employs about 5,400 people, with an increasingly qualified presence of high school and university graduates. Riva now has 20 production sites offshore in six countries, including six in Italy, seven in France, three in Germany, two in Belgium, one in Spain and one in Canada.

Nine commercial companies and two scrap metal recovery centres are also members of the Group.

In 2014, Groupe Riva produced approximately 7.8 million tonnes, up from the previous year (7.6 million) despite the ongoing challenges of the steel industry in the Italian and international market.

The Group’s revenues reached 3.6 billion euros (compared to 2013) with a sharp shift in market share of ‘long’ products—which now represents 12.6% at the European level (the EU of 28)—and which confirms its leading position in this important market segment.

In 2014, the Group continued its investment policy (of up to €70 million) in order to improve its performance. This includes quality, safety, environment and energy, and all technical and organizational process improvements.

The Group also produces drawn, peeled and ground steel obtained by processing cold-rolled products.

ASI RIVA - Les Industries Associées de l'Acier Ltée.